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Списки онлайн казино

Fixed other bugs списки онлайн казино glitches, and added new ones for you to enjoy v0. Added the first chapter of the updated plot2. Integrated Live2D animations in the showers into the game4.

Added alternative игра онлайн за деньги with Minerva5. Added a bunch of new and updated sexy minions7. Added several new locations8. Added three plot-related interactive events9. Introduced several new characters for future списки онлайн казино. Added списки онлайн казино new music tracks12.

Updated preferences screen to make списки онлайн казино more user-friendly13. Updated saving system and added new ESC menu14.

Updated interfaces throughout the game15. A bunch of other fixes and adjustments based on the feedback16. Fixed animations being stuck in certain situations (special thanks to those who helped with the debug)2.

Fixed an exception with transferring persistent data from a very old version3. Fixed several notification and goals issues4. Other minor fixes and adjustmentsv0. Fixed a rare crash during transition to the next day2.

Fixed incorrect swimsuit demonstration in act 1 chapter 43. Fixed incorrect speaker portrait during Cho Chang encounter in act 1 chapter списки онлайн казино. Fixed animations being stuck in certain situations4. Other fixes and bugs1. Fixed a bug caused by sending letters to multiple recipients4. Updated old bugs and added several new onesv0.

Fixed the Book of Списки онлайн казино event2. Fixed the Wheel of Fortune (WoF) event4. Added slightly different endings for the WoF event based on the difficulty5.

Random bedroom encounters should be reachable now6. Further updated the drinking minigame interface7. Fixed Xandria interactions in Act 2 Chapter 28. Added the option to use old music from the previous versions10. Other fixes and adjustments12. Probably added a couple of списки онлайн казино as a resultv0.

Dark path in chapter 5 is now passable. Additional scenes for dark path added4. Miniskirts quest line, you can get 2 shorter skirts on the main girls now списки онлайн казино later)5.]



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